In Your Words

Kamante would have his letters written by Indian letterwriters & they would use pens in different colors & dear, dearest, to whom it may concern & the language made no sense & he wrote on skype chat: show me your hands & I remember your handwriting & I heard these letterwriters still exist today & I miss envelopes a little & lyseblå luftpost, sommerfuglevingekonvolutter & chelelon means butterfly in an extinct Indian language not Indian & Blixen talks about Indians as scribers & is this a part of my legacy that is mine & it’s easy to write a letter: B & B for brev og bogstav

Mama, mom, mum & ambivalens & en poesi som saknar modersmål eller förstaspråk, men som därmed också ger plats för desto fler andraspråk, tredjespråk, fjerdespråk & she stopped speaking years ago & my mother doesn’t like to write & I am a mother & those words are lost to me now & he plucked out the cameleon’s tongue


cool, I want to hear it speak & papegøjen imiterede far & the parrot was like a book containing fragments of lost languages & to speak without knowing what one says & ok, say something to it & he thought she would return & to repeat, repeat, repeat

Uddrag fra: 13 INDEX CARDS &, Fragments from 13 index cards with handwritten notes in different colors and languages (Brendan & Nanna & Mette) February 16th, 2011, Copenhagen, edited by Mette Moestrup.

Farah’s Letter (2011). Installation. Neonskilt og lyd. 0:55 min.

In Your Words (2011), HD video. 10:27 min.


Tekster og billeder fra udstillingen In Your Words, Karen Blixen Museet 29/4-4/9 2011 (udstillingsfotos: evighedsblog/CYF).